2020 Project: Do not feed the Archaeologists!

In May 2020 a brand new project entered Arkeomount.com: “Do not feed the Archaeologists!”.

Aim of the project is to better know our heroes, going beyond their digging! The name of the project takes inspiration from a sign that we stumbled in ten years ago, during an exploration of Crete. We were in the archaeological site of Malia and this sign was on the border of the excavation area to warn the tourists not to disturb the working people in the site!

Now, during a sleepless night of a worldwide pandemic lockdown, that specific sign raised in our minds. And here we are again!

We are going to pose 5 questions to the archaeologists we are in touch with. They live in different countries, they are experts of different regions but we wonder if there is anything which is common to all of them. A habit, a tic, a food.. Here you are the 5 questions that we are posing to each contact:
Preliminary note: there is a lot of sense of humour in all this staff!

1) Why did you chose to become an archaeologist?

2) When did you understand that it was the right or the wrong choice?

3) Sometimes during hard times we think about giving up…You did not! You are still an active archaeologist! Why? I mean, what happened? Do you have a special “mantra” helping your balance, or did you have to struggle with someone convincing this person that going on was the best choice? Who? Your relatives? Yourself?… The final question is “what is your secret to keep on digging?”

4) How do you pass your spare time during the digging evenings (anyway while you are off from digging, but still far from home?)

5) Let’s suppose that you were not an archaeologist.. what is your job? Policeman, farmer, batman?..

An e-mail with invitation to take part to this project have just been sent in the 5 continents!
We will publish a new post for each archaeologist that will accept to provide us an entire list of answers! We hope to add a new aspect to the storytelling of this exciting career!

Stay tuned!

p.s.: if you are an archaeologist and would like to take part to this public survey, with a post inArkeomount.com, please get in touch with us writing an email to arkeomount@gmail.com!

Here the daily updated list of the interviews published so far:

1.6.2020 – Teresa Michieli (Argentina)
3.6.2020 – Bruce Bradley (USA)
5.6.2020 – Ernesto Piana (Argentina)