DNFA #2 – Five questions to Bruce Bradley

Posted by on 3 Giugno 2020

Today let’s read Prof. Bruce Bradley (USA) – anthropologist and Emeritus Professor / University of Exeter – Department of Archaeology. He was mentioned in Arkeomount.com in 2012 when he published the book “Across Atlantic Ice” together with Dott. Dennis Stanford (Smithsonian Institution – Washington, D.C.). Today he is part of our Do Not Feed the Archaeologists! project!
Bruce runs also a great blog: check out www.primtech.rocks !

Prof. Bruce Bradley in Beijing – 2019

1) Why did you choose to become an archaeologist?

BB: From a very young age I was fascinated with things “Indian”, especially arrowheads and other ‘relics’. I was also keen on snakes, lizards, frogs and other small beasties and of course, like many kids- rocks. I was fortunate to be in a family that encouraged these interests and made opportunities to explore. The one key passion I had was wanting to make arrowheads but try as I might this eluded me until I was in High School. Our family moved from Michigan, where visibility of artifacts was very low to the Arizona desert where they were almost everywhere I looked. When I was ready to enroll in University, I wanted to become a herpetologist, but the science requirements were overwhelming. So, I decided on archaeology (anthropology). That was the beginning, and I am still at it.

2) When did you understand that it was the right or the wrong choice?
BB: I knew is was right from the day I realized I could make it my life’s path.

3)Sometimes during hard times, we think about giving up…You did not! You are still an active archaeologist! Why? I mean, what happened? Do you have a special “mantra” helping your balance, or did you have to struggle with someone convincing this person that going on was the best choice? Who? Your relatives? Yourself?… The final question is “what is your secret to keep on digging?”
BB: I have never lost my passion for discovery- things, ideas, people, places, etc. Archaeology has provided it all.

prof. Bruce Bradley in Brazil – 2016

4) How do you pass your spare time during the digging evenings (anyway while you are off from digging, but still far from home?)
BB. Most places I when go ‘on the road’ it is because I am either giving a knapping workshop or working on a research project where experimental archaeology is a primary method. So, I can usually be found busting rocks. When not doing that I enjoy the challenges of sport fishing. Check out my web page www.primtech.rocks

5) Let’s suppose that you were not an archaeologist.. what is your job? policeman, farmer, batman?..
BB: I can imagine I would have knuckled down and done the science to become a herpetologist. If that hadn’t happened, probably a stone mason.

Thank you, Bruce!