Clovis first?

Posted by on 22 Novembre 2021
The Clovis projectile found in Zacatecas
Image Credit : INAH, published in

We report this piece of news recently published online, which points out – once more – a theory called “Clovis first”.
The opportunity comes from a recent discovery of a “Clovis projectile point” found almost 1.000 miles far from Clovis, where the theory began in the early 20th century.

The link will help you to read once again the theory: “Clovis first” was the predominant hypothesis among archaeologists in the 20th century according to which the first Americands derive from this prehistoric Paleoamerican culture, Clovis.

During our 2011 tour in South America we interviewed different researchers who are not aligned with that.
Together with those, we remind here the great book “Across Atlantic Ice” written by Professor Breadley (read here our latest inerview to him)
together with Dott. Dennis Stanford (Smithsonian Institution – Washington, D.C.). In 2002 Prof Bradley proposed the so-called Solutrean hypotesis.
According to this, Solutrean (a relatively advanced flint tool-making style of the Upper Paleolithic of the Final Gravettian, from around 22,000 to 17,000 BC) is the European culture that was able to cross the Atlantic, starting the “conquer” of the Americas.
Then, if we enlarge our focus to South America, we have to mention the cultures which arrived in Peru’s and Chile’s coasts from Asia (Japan?).

A short post, just to remind us how complex our history could be!